As little as possible. We’ve all groaned at television spots featuring cloying business owners distracting you away from what you really want to know about their goods and services.

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But sometimes it makes sense and can be effective in presenting a key value of your business.

We thought this was the case for DLM Builders, which is celebrating 25 years in business.

When you hire a remodeler, you’re inviting a crowd of people into your home for many weeks. So, trust and chemistry are everything.

We thought this could be conveyed with a dash of levity using a caricature of the owners by illustrator Harry Blair.

The DLM product really is the personality and character of its mom-and-pop principals, David and Leslie Millsaps. One DLM vendor told us, “David is honest almost to a fault.” Leslie is a youthful yogi with an eye for perfection.

And after all, shouldn’t 25 years in their line of work earn them the privilege of starring in their own ad?