Sometimes our clients have great stories. Sometimes their clients have great stories. And sometimes we get them both on the front page.

For Jamesson Solutions, local visibility is as important as national press. The company sells assessments and simulations for training and development. It also implements custom engagements for Triad corporations, including Volvo Trucks, based in Greensboro.

Last year, Jamesson Solutions worked with Volvo Trucks’ HR executive Irish Austin to develop a leadership program designed for women. The story got the attention of Chief Learning Officer magazine in October. For CLO, the emphasis was on how development programs demonstrate a corporate commitment to individuals. And how they can improve employee retention…in this case, women.

For the local public relations, we took a different tack. How does retaining more women help the trucking industry? Greensboro has a lot of trucking and logistics, so our local Business Journal does a good job of covering it.

Working with researcher and reporter Jane Little, we got the Volvo story into consideration for an upcoming trucking focus edition. The story is well researched and includes several truck brands and individuals, but our client’s client, Iris from Volvo, made the cover! Our client Donna Warrick weighed in with some significant insights and how companies can no longer overlook half the workforce.

The Volvo women’s leadership program is now in its second year and we expect it to uncover new stories that can be placed.

Earned media feature placements like this can take months, but the results are well worth it when you consider the value of what amounts to a third-party endorsement for the brand.