David and Leslie are their own best point of difference.

When you’re remodeling a home and you get three bids from good companies, the estimates will probably be close. So when homeowners have to decide how do they choose? Especially¬†when the costs are more or less equal across the board.

DLM Builders is a home remodeling firm in Greensboro, NC that has built a positive reputation for quality work over the past 25 years. Part of its success has been the result of repeat customers and referrals.

Click to enlarge. Copy/concept, David McLean, art direction, Jackie Whitt, photography, Julie Knight.

Reading their customer reviews and observing how principals David and Leslie Millsaps work led us to recommend that their firm’s competitive edge is THEM. They’re easygoing, knowledgeable and nice people who understand that you’re going to be inconvenienced during a home makeover and you’ll be seeing a lot of their crew during a remodeling job.

Our latest campaign, “House Guests with Hammers,” focuses on the personal homeowner concern of “who am I letting in my house?” Will they smoke? Will they play loud music that I hate for days on end? Will they respect my space and privacy?

The DLM Builders ad presents the Millsaps as enthusiastic and considerate professionals who get it when it comes to “home invasions” by tradespeople.

There’s no need for DLM Builders to bid on price, because it wants to compete for the better projects. So the point of difference is the way they’ve worked for 25 years.

DLM Builders invested high quality photography last year that was shot to support this strategy. Working with photographer Julie Knight, David and Leslie got plenty of images that present their personalities and emphasizes the truly mom-and-pop nature of their business.