Mayodan logo style guide. The “Mayodan” banner also can stand alone for certain applications. Click to enlarge.

There really is only one Mayodan. It’s a North Carolina town northeast of Greensboro, situated on the Mayo River near its confluence with the Dan River.

Thus, Mayodan. And it’s the only town in the world—last time we checked—named Mayodan. (If you find another, send us a picture!)

The savvy management of Mayodan wanted to capture its most appealing and competitively attractive features. It’s a nifty little town in a hilly part of Rockingham County close to some navigable river rapids and home of an award-winning mountain bike trail. The outdoors help define Mayodan and the town likes the healthful lifestyle connotations. If you like to walk, fish, paddle, bike, run and cook out—and maybe buy an affordable home—Mayodan may be for you.

Their logo is a little more illustrative than iconographic. It captures a lot of local flavor without being too busy. And it comes apart nicely. The town uses just the logo type in some applications, such as the website. For street banners, t-shirts, town vehicles and advertising, it uses the whole package.

When it was time to run an ad campaign, the art direction was already done. The logo colors and a matching illustration style allowed Mayodan to develop three ads to run in series or together and capture the town’s tagline: Real. Natural. Fun.