Why a testimonial ad? DLM Builders is a home remodeling firm. Like most businesses in the home improvement industry, referrals are a large part of their new business development. So it makes sense to feature satisfied clients—happy homeowners—in their advertising.

Jackie Whitt, art director. Click to view as PDF.

The testimonial has been a mainstay of advertising for decades. And if anything, testimonials are more powerful today. Look at your social media feed and notice how many people ASK for recommendations for all kinds of services. Then there’s Yelp and Google reviews and all manner of ratings on e-commerce sites. People read reviews and talk to their friends before they call.

For DLM Builders’ newest ad, the company takes its “Think of them as houseguests with hammers” theme to a new level with Chad and Grier Hock enjoying their new DLM-built screened porch. Part of the DLM value proposition is that its principals, David and Leslie Millsaps (couple on the right), are trustworthy, reliable and, most importantly, likable. So for the new “houseguests with hammers” ad, we put them in the photo with the clients.

greensboro advertising agency shoots photo for testimonial ad

Photographer Julie Knight warming up as wine is decanted.

This was a fun shoot. Six in the evening, wine, cheese, fancy little crackers…what’s not to like? But it was also apparent that the good vibes were authentic and after about 30 minutes our photo team of Julie Knight and Lynn Hey were able to capture several dozen keepers. Which is a testimonial in itself.

The campaign will appear in O Henry, Startmount Life and 1808 Magazine.

When you consider how much we all value a trusted recommendation, whether the word of a good friend or a bona fide reviewer of the product, a testimonial ad makes a lot of sense for any brand, be it consumer focused or B2B.