All photography, Chris English, Tigermoth Creative.

The Bryan Series needed fast turnaround on a modest budget to sell a few thousand seats for its debut at a brand new venue.

The Guilford College speakers’ program, the Bryan Series, is now in its 26th year and being presented at the almost brand-new Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro.

Subscription (season tickets) sales for the series felt the impact of the Pandemic. Still strong, but individual ticket sales became a little more important for the program.

King’s English recommended primarily an outdoor campaign as a means of reaching beyond the subscriber audience and prospects, to appeal to consumers on a speaker-by-speaker basis. We wanted the visual impact combined with short provocative copy.

Selling tickets to first-time attendees not only fills seats but can increase the subscriber base once people experience an engaging presentation. The new venue gets high marks for comfort and acoustics, making it an ideal space to spend an hour enjoying a talk.

Our clients at the Bryan Series saw an opportunity to add a small broadcast component to the mix, wisely targeting show business awards viewers, specifically for Kennedy Center Honors broadcast in December and, later, the Academy Awards. Each event features one of the speakers –Steve Martin and Rita Moreno, respectively – so even though broadcast buy is small, it offers impact with impressive ratings and a congruent audience.

The Kennedy Honors spot for Martin (note: his talk has since been rescheduled to May 10) needed to be produced over a weekend and had been done solely with still images shot by Chris English, director of photography at our partner agency on the project, Tigermoth Creative.

We kept it simple and all about Steve: