Earned media is a primary objective of most public relations programs. It refers to features and news placed with strategic media through editorial channels rather than advertising. You “earn” it by having a story that’s worthy of publishing.

Here’s a nice example for Jamesson Solutions in Chief Learning Officer magazine, one the company’s prime media.

Iris Austin, Volvo HR

Iris Austin, Volvo.

Jamesson Solutions recently completed a one-of-a-kind program to development women as leaders at the trucking giant Volvo. That’s impressive, but to really cinch the placement, they took a step back and told the story of the Volvo HR manager who came up with the idea and featured women at Volvo going on the record about the experience.

Jamesson Solutions gets a nice mention, a quote and a photo of its partner, Donna Warrick, but the hero is Iris Austin of Volvo who lead the effort.


Donna Warrick, Jamesson Solutions

This story might not have run if we had just put a out press release about the program, touting Jamesson Solutions. Chief Learning Officer wants to cover its readers, rather than its potential advertisers. Making Austin the star fit right in with the publication’s style guide.

This is also a good example of getting an objective advisor for your public relations. Often, when it’s your services being promoted, you can be too close to it and miss the more public angles that appeal to the media.

Congratulations to Volvo and Jamesson Solutions for earning a great feature.