Home for the quarantine—and we hope you and your family are safe—you’re looking at your home in a whole new way by now, aren’t you? If you’ve been working from home or just spent time on an unplanned furlough, you might be considering how functional your environment is for work, comfort and maybe some relaxation in the property’s outside space.

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David Millsaps thought so, so for his new ad campaign breaking in July, he taps into the mind of the sequestered home owner who’s suddenly realizing that spare bedroom would be a better office or their kitchen could better accommodate a full house for eating in night after night. Maybe the home could be extended outdoors with a deck, porch or patio.

Millsaps is owner of DLM Builders a greensboro remodeling firm that’s been remodeling the Triad market for going on three decades.

His new campaign captures that contented moment you get when you first start to see a new possibility for a home you want to love even more.