One of our favorite ads of the last year, with an old-school nod to David Ogilvy, was this full-page placement for Pine Hall Brick StormPave™ water permeable clay pavers.

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Ogilvy was a proponent of engaging and descriptive copywriting. For this ad, the location of the installation—the Cuyahoga River valley in Cleveland known as the Flats—gave us a platform. The river was famously polluted in then 1970s and once caught fire. This has all changed as the Cuyahoga is much cleaner, but development along the river bank has to comply with stormwater regulations. StormPave™ installations don’t use sewer drains, because water seeps between the pavers into an underlayment that acts like a filter.

The StormPave™ ad is part of a series that includes the Old Pratt Street ad featuring an urban planning project on a historic street in Hartford. Here Pine Hall Brick Rumbled™ pavers provided an historically accurate surface that looks like it could have been in place 200 years ago.

These ads are running in landscape architecture magazines to reach architects, city planners and hardscape installers.