Take it from the top


King’s English does its best work with owners, CEOs and top marketing officers that value objective consultation and recommendations from communications experts that make the work easy, fun and effective.

Our first step is to understand you and your needs. We interview you and ask a lot of very basic questions. We might also challenge you with some difficult questions.

We’ve found that having clients articulate their goals and objectives and vision usually raises as many questions as it answers. And the questions are up to us to solve. 

You may only need a small project or you may require a full marketing communications program, but the one constant we strive for is a relationship that allows open communications and a high degree of intimacy with your organization.

After some review, research and thinking, King’s English offers preliminary recommendations and a budget at no cost to you. If you decide you want to proceed, we present a formal proposal for your work and your investment. Our invoices never vary from the quoted price, unless the scope of the work changes and then, we get approval first.

Part of our job is to make the whole process easy for you. So we typically work remotely and bring you key items for review, discussion and approval, until the project is complete. 

Our incentive is to become your trusted advisers long term and we earn this through hard work, attention to detail and integrity as much as through our creative services.

Case Study: Otey Construction

Otey Construction was a brand waiting to happen. Owner Kevin Otey was getting great response for his upscale custom and speculative homes, but he realized that his brand wasn’t defined or articulated.

We spent several hours getting to know Kevin, his personality and his passions, as well as his business. He told us that his customers were all extremely happy. So we checked it out and interviewed a dozen couples who had bought his homes. Kevin wasn’t exaggerating. In fact his customer satisfaction was so high, that we made it central to every piece of communication we designed, from his logo (which captures Kevin’s passion and personality) to his video to his trade show presence.

When spec home business dried up in the Otey market, Kevin was pleased to see that his custom home work sustained the business and he attributed much of this to the branding, the positioning and the messaging.

Otey Construction is one of our favorite stories of client success. Email us for a list of references today.