King’s English Public Relations

King’s English, LLC is a full-service marketing communications firm founded in 1994 by David McLean. David had been a public relations director, copywriter and account executive since 1981. From its beginning, King’s English specialized in public relations as a component in comprehensive marketing services, representing about a third of the agency’s work.

In the past five years, public relations has emerged as a preferred service with clients seeking cost-effective marketing options in a challenging economy. Also, there is an increasing demand for transparency in marketing and public relations is a method of establishing objective validation as traditional media have fragmented and the cost of advertising is often prohibitive for small to medium sized businesses.

In my experience, had I targeted this company and been lucky enough to talk with the right person, without the benefit of the article, it would have taken me anywhere from 1 to 2 years to close business at this level.

With the article (placed by King’s English) it took just 3 months. This one client paid for more than two years of PR with King’s English.  — Mike Warrick, Discovery Learning

King’s English Public Relations has demonstrated success by maintaining the following tenets:

• Strategically focused—we treat public relations as one option in the marketing communications arsenal and develop plans as we would an advertising campaign, addressing the business goals of the client.

• Research based—using services like Nexis we are able to establish a baseline of media interest and coverage of any subject in order to have intelligent dialogue with relevant media. Our approach is well-informed from the client side as well as the editorial side.

• Journalistically astute—as a full-service agency we have kept public relations somewhat apart from the advertising side of the business, to maintain standards of objectivity and credibility with editorial decision makers. King’s English writes many of our placements in the voice of the client. This sometimes includes seeking third-party sources through reporter query services to build articles that exceed the expectations of many publications.